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June 11, 2012 05:50

Obama and Dems depend on unions – Totenberg

“.. could be in serious trouble.” Nina Totenberg, who points out that the party depends on tons of cash from Big Labor, and Big Labor is under big attack as attitudes shift across the country. Wisconsin is a big blow to Democrats. – Todd Fein

June 6, 2012 06:24

Big Labor’s Big Boo-Boo

The liberals, their unions, their President, their media — all have to be defeated because there is no working with them. And last night, we did. Soundly. – American Thinker

June 6, 2012 05:28

Walker’s Victory Spells Doom For Public Sector Unions

[T]he governor’s recall election victory sends a clear message that should resonate around the nation: The fiscal cancer devouring state budgets has a cure, and he has found it.- Forbes

June 6, 2012 04:53

Reagan’s Advice Wins Again–Romney Should Pay Attention

Governor Walker’s victory proves once again the lesson Republicans should have learned in 1980: Reagan’s bold colors win elections. If Mitt Romney will adopt those bold conservative colors for his campaign and his administration, he will win, even in traditionally Democratic-leaning states like Wisconsin.

June 6, 2012 04:30

Gov Walker’s Victory Speech

Americans around the country are celebrating Gov. Scott Walker’s victory after a nasty recall prompted and funded by national unions angry with his reforms. Walker is the first Governor in history to survive a recall and won by 8 points. Walker’s Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch also won handily.