January 21, 2010 06:00

What the Ruling Elites of Both Parties are Missing

All you hear after the Mass. election is mass confusion. What both parties are missing is the foundation of what happened in Mass, VA, NJ and NY and is happening all over the US. People, not THE PEOPLE, but individuals, moms, dads, carpenters, plumbers, stock brokers, grandmas, secretaries, teachers, people of every walk and stage of life are getting involved with their government. They are educating themselves on the issues. They read the bills and about the bills. They consider the long term ramifications of legislation, regulation and high taxation. They understand the crippling effect of unsustainable debt. They cringe at open bribery and vote buying. They are mad as hell about their money being wasted and disappearing into a black hole of corruption and cronyism.

These individuals are not into politics. They never were. They just want to be left alone to make a life for themselves and their families and to enjoy the fruits of their labors. They have trusted their elected officials to do the right thing without their constant oversight. Now they realize that power corrupts. That politcs is the governing of  them, the control of their lives, their money and their future. It has life and death and significant finacial ramifications in their own lives and it should not and cannot be ignored any longer.

These individuals have realized there is a fight, a war, right here in America. More and more they are becoming aware of the attempt to micro-manage their lives. They are waking up to the fact that the only way to stop the destructive effects of the government is to change the type of people who govern. They want statesmen, not politicians. They want freedom fighters not socialists. They want people of integrity not vote buyers. They don’t care about any political party affiliation. They are reading and understanding the constitution and are demanding it be followed. They are INVOLVED. They are giving and working and protesting and calling and writing and voting like never before. The people are not just speaking, they are shouting and they will be heard.

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