Sen. John Thune: Obama Seeks to Spark ‘Class Warfare’

January 22, 2010 06:03


A prominent Republican senator said Thursday that President Obama is seeking to spark “class warfare” with increasingly populist rhetoric and a series of regulatory measures aimed at Wall Street.

“I think they think if they can create enough animosity toward Wall Street and corporate America, they get into this traditional sort of Democrat rhetoric and tap into the populist anger out there,” Sen. John Thune, South Dakota Republican, told The Daily Caller. “For Democrats to be successful they’ve got to create a sense of class warfare and an us versus them mindset.”  FULL STORY

Obama is no Ronald Reagan

only 23 percent of respondents said they would definitely vote to re-elect Barack Obama based on his first-year performance, while 50 percent said they’d vote for “someone else”

Dick Morris: Brown Victory Stunning ‘Rejection of Obama and His Policies’

Morris also said Brown’s win could convince as many as 10 House members to retire from long-held Democratic seats and open them up to a serious Republican challenge in November — and he named five Democratic Senators who are highly vulnerable to defeat this year.

Obama Takes Stale False “green” Jobs Message to Hard Hit Ohio

Michelle Malkin , CNSNEWS.COM and Canada Free Press have already exposed the myth of “green” jobs. For every “green” job (most of which turn out to be temporary) the US stands to lose 2.2 real jobs.

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