A Blizzard of Spending

February 15, 2010 06:43
A Blizzard of Spending

via CNS News

Brian Darling
A Blizzard of Spending

Last week, Washington, D.C. was shut down by two huge snow storms. These rivaled the snow job that President Obama put on in a White House news conference. He scheduled an ObamaCare summit for February 25th to supposedly reanimate his failed health care plan and to demand bipartisanship. The President now wants Republicans to work with him to pass ObamaCare, another stimulus bill and to approve his controversial nominees.

This is no time for conservatives to back down in the name of bipartisanship. “Bipartisanship,” after all, doesn’t mean surrendering to big government. This President is in denial, and he’s showing contempt toward the American people who have repeatedly rejected his big government ideas.

Liberals search for “Trick” to Pass ObamaCare

Liberals now need a gimmick to pass ObamaCare, because the usual approach has failed. Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) campaigned on a promise to filibuster and defeat the President’s health care bill, and the people of liberal Massachusetts agreed. Now that the Democrats can’t overcome Republican threats to filibuster a final package of ObamaCare proposals, they have come up with a new plan to force the President’s plan through the House and Senate.


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