Former Haitian Corruption King, Bill Clinton Leads UN Haiti Aid Effort

February 12, 2010 02:30

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has asked former U.S. President Bill Clinton to coordinate international aid efforts on Haiti.  Mr. Ban said Wednesday that he hoped Mr. Clinton, who he appointed as his Special Envoy for Haiti last May, would rally international assistance for the earthquake-stricken country. FULL STORY

We hope that Mr. Ban is simply unaware that Bill Clinton’s history with Haiti is one of back room money deals, government corruption and human rights abuses.

MARY ANASTASIA O’GRADY, a Wall Street Journal editor, writes in her January 24, 2010 column that ‘As one Haitian told me, if the country is ever to develop it needs “to rely less on cronyism and more on transparency and the vast resources of the Haitian expat community.” That would disqualify Bill Clinton.’

She goes on to expose a history of corruption and sleazy payoffs on the Clinton watch while Haitians complained of human rights abuses and corruption. ‘The upshot here is that clintonista activity in Haiti was not the work of foreigners deeply committed to the well-being of a long-suffering people. Instead, it capitalized on the chance to make money using government power.’ Read her full column here.

With the UN’s  own tainted history of the oil for food scandal, ignored abuse of women and fraudulent climate claims, we can only hope that Mr. Ban is only ignorant of this history and not hoping to participate in a Haitian Slush Fund II. But with 100’s of millions of dollars being thrown at Haiti there is no wonder Bill Clinton wanted back in. ~ Editor

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