Obama to spend million$ on new climate propaganda agency

February 11, 2010 13:50

via AFP

Just What We Need: New Government ‘Climate Service’

The Obama administration announced today a new Climate Service, akin to the National Weather Service. It will “provide Americans with predictions on how global warming will affect everything from drought to sea levels,” according to The Washington Post. The Associated Press reported “The Climate Service will be headquartered in Washington and will have six regional directors across the country.”

Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips issued the following statement:

“With unemployment still near 10 percent and millions of American families struggling to get by, President Obama has proven how out-of-touch he is by announcing a new bureaucracy to try to prove what we should really be worried about is global warming. The new global warming service will cost millions of dollars we don’t have, and its real purpose will be to make the case for crushing new energy taxes and regulations that will impose trillions of dollars of costs on American families. Bad idea.”

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