Sullivan Introduces Resolution Challenging the Constitutionality of Obamacare

February 26, 2010 01:00

Congressman John Sullivan website

Washington, Feb 3 – Today, Congressman John Sullivan introduced H.Res. 1063, a resolution expressing the sense of Congress that it is unconstitutional for the federal government to require American citizens to purchase government approved health insurance, or else face criminal penalty.  The Sullivan resolution also demands the removal of the individual health insurance mandate from any final healthcare reform bill that Congress considers.  Congressman Sullivan issued the following statement after introduction of the resolution.

“My resolution builds off the efforts of at least 36 state legislatures, including Oklahoma, that are looking to limit or oppose health mandates in the House and Senate passed health care reform bills that would require purchase of government approved health insurance. These state actions are in direct opposition to the draconian national health care reform measures that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are negotiating behind closed doors behind the backs of the American people”

“Throughout the healthcare debate, the Administration and this Congress have largely ignored the most fundamental question of  all – whether or not the federal government is overstepping its constitutional bounds by taking over our healthcare system ” Sullivan said.  “Even back in 1994, the non partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) wrote that it would be an unprecedented form of federal action for Congress to mandate that all individuals are required to purchase health insurance.  I introduced this resolution to send a strong message that the personal mandates in both the House and Senate passed healthcare bills are unprecedented and unconstitutional – nowhere in the Constitution is Congress given the power to force Americans to purchase a good or service or enter into a contract – which these bills would do.   By forcing Americans to purchase government approved health insurance, President Obama and Democrat leaders in Congress are essentially saying that you don’t have a right to choose what health insurance plan is best for you, your family or your business – I strongly disagree.”

“There are better ways to bring health insurance to the uninsured” Sullivan said.  “There are incentives that Congress could pass right now with bipartisan support – such as allowing individuals to purchase insurance across state lines to reduce cost, and  offering tax deductions for individuals and families who are uninsured – that would make purchasing insurance easier and cheaper for all Americans. Unfortunately the House and Senate passed healthcare bills coerce and compel individuals to purchase insurance with tax penalties and possible prison terms.”

Congressman Sullivan believes the Democrat healthcare plan is an unconstitutional, partisan power grab, and has signed the Club for Growth’s “Repeal It” pledge, promising to sponsor and support legislation to repeal any federal healthcare takeover passed in the 111th Congress.

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