Detroit Mayor Bing on unions: ‘Either they can’t read, they can’t add or they can’t comprehend’

March 1, 2010 17:01

Public sector unions continue to be a financial burden on cities and states.  Other union horror stories inability to fire incompetent teachers, and too much influence on lawmakers from campaign contributions.
The Detroit News’ Christine MacDonald reports:

Mayor Dave Bing today criticized leaders of the city’s largest union for foot-dragging on contract negotiations, saying it’s costing the financially strapped city $500,000 a month and could result in more layoffs.

“Either they can’t read, they can’t add or they can’t comprehend,” Bing said at a press conference this morning in his office at City Hall. “It has to be one of the three.

“Everyone is running with a deficit in their budgets. It’s leadership or a lack of leadership that has got us to where we are.”

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