Everything That’s Wrong with Al Gore in a Single Graph

March 5, 2010 06:38

By Mark J. Perry via The American

March 4, 2010, 8:18 am

In a recent Enterprise post titled “Everything That’s Wrong with Al Gore in a Single Sentence,” Steven F. Hayward commented on Al Gore’s “extended rant” about climate change in last Sunday’s New York Times. I’d like to follow up with a related take.

In 2007, Al Gore’s mansion in Nashville burned through an average of 17,720 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity each month (see Al Gore’s electric bill here, via the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, which first reported on Al Gore’s energy usage in 2007), costing more than $16,000 for the year.


According to Department of Energy data, that’s about 19 times as much as the electricity consumed by the average U.S. household in 2007 (936 kWh per month), more than 13 times the electricity consumed monthly by the average household in Tennessee (1,344 kWh), and almost 3 times as much electricity as the average U.S. commercial customer (6,408 kWh). See the chart above. Stated differently, Al Gore uses more electricity every 18 days than the average American household consumes during the entire year.

Al Gore talks in his article about a “criminal generation that selfishly and blithely” dumps “global-warming pollution into the atmosphere as if it were an open sewer.” But it’s just a little hard to take Al Gore’s preaching about climate change too seriously when the inconvenient truth is that his own household’s contribution to the “climate crisis” is 19 times greater than the average American household, and almost three times greater than even the average commercial user of electricity.

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