Health Care Fraud

March 18, 2010 23:39

‘This is not democracy. Nor is it constitutional.  Transparency? This is legislating through a glass, darkly.’

IBD Editorials writes:

Health Reform: What did it take for Congress to schedule a vote on its awful health care reform package? Not much, just a phony low-ball “score” on what the plan would cost from the Congressional Budget Office.

By presenting the CBO with incomplete, inaccurate and misleading data, the Democrats in Congress were finally able to come up with a cost score they like: $940 billion.

That’s the estimate the CBO arrived at. Like a used car dealer pricing a car at $9,999 instead of $10,000, the hucksters in Congress were anxious to get the official cost below the scary $1 trillion level at which things suddenly sound very unaffordable.

Using the rigged $940 billion estimate, Democratic leaders now hope to force a health care bill through as early as Saturday, seizing 17% of the U.S. economy by simply “deeming” the bill is passed — rather than actually passing it in an up-or-down vote.

This is not democracy. Nor is it constitutional. And it will do real violence to the Democrats’ promise to leave 72 hours to debate the health care bill’s contents and to let the public see what’s in it. Transparency? This is legislating through a glass, darkly.

But what really bothers us, as we’ve noted before, is the use of a phony cost estimate to justify it all. The $940 billion figure the CBO came up with is almost wholly bogus. So is the laughable estimate that deficits will be cut by $138 billion over a decade.

And the Democrats know it.


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