Manipulation, Payoffs and Lies — The Democrats’ Endgame On Health Care

March 16, 2010 09:30

Will the American people continue to stand for this massive corruption on an unprecedented scale?

This week will reveal the harsh reality of corruption in the Democratic leadership. All of the Democrat’s lip service on “change you can believe in” (Obama) and “cleaning up the swamp” (Pelosi) will be exposed as hollow and untrue.


Andrea Tantaros-

Democrats have convinced themselves that it would be far worse to do nothing on health care than listen to the concerns of the public. And they have demonstrated they will stop at nothing to get some form of legislation passed – even using the House Rules Committee to draft a new rule that would make it possible for Speaker Pelosi to pass the bill without an actual vote!

This jaw-dropping abuse of power has appropriately been labeled the “Slaughter Strategy” after Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) the tactic’s chief architect and a close Pelosi ally. It would give members of the Democratic Caucus cover. Why, you ask? Because it would skip the step that would force our lawmakers to place an “aye” vote next to a radioactive, unpopular piece of legislation that they will have to defend until Election Day in the fall.

This type of manipulation of government process might be the most perverse we’ve seen to date.


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