Obama Unwelcome on Campaign Trail

March 15, 2010 04:57

What kind of leader sends congressmen out on a kamikaze mission in an election year and right before a recess?

The kind of leader whose followers are diminishing in number.

Jed Babbin at Human Events reports

This week may provide the answer to the big political question of 2010: how many Democrats are willing to walk the plank for President Obama’s healthcare “reform” plan?

There may not be as many as the president and Speaker Pelosi think.  And some of them apparently aren’t among the “Stupak Dozen,” the anti-abortion Dems who have already declared themselves against the bill.

As the March 29 Easter recess approaches, time is running out on Speaker Pelosi’s plan to get a vote on the Senate-passed bill, warts and all.  House Dems are being asked to bet their future on Pelosi and Obama. Pelosi – who apparently thinks of herself as the H. Rider Haggard character She Who Must Be Obeyed — has declared her willingness to lose the majority (meaning 40 Democratic seats) in order to pass the bill.  And the president seems equally determined. He has other things he wants to do this year, and they’re not going to be any more popular with the voters.

Pelosi and Obama understand that if the vote is delayed again, voters will have two weeks to do their own arm-twisting on members returning home for what is sure to be something other than a vacation.  Which is why the heat is so high that even some of the Stupak group may fall into line.

But two things may yet prevent success.  First, was the Senate Democrats’ reaffirmation of their desire to maintain undisturbed amazingly corrupt deals such as Mary Landrieu’s “Second Louisiana Purchase,” which were supposedly going to be taken out of the “final” healthcare measure by the reconciliation bill.  That was predictable.  Unexpected was the second development, the public declaration by almost a dozen House Dems that Obama isn’t welcome in their districts on the 2010 campaign trail.


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