Obama’s storm troopers armed and ready

March 25, 2010 07:17

A stealth force of 13 million foot soldiers ready to unleash their modern communication devices upon command.

By Myra Adams 03/25/10 at The Daily Caller

No American president has ever had this much power, a stealth force of 13 million foot soldiers ready to unleash their modern communication devices upon command.

These are the new cyber Minutemen (and women) comprising Organizing for America, always eager to phone, march, write, protest, assemble, organize, e-mail, get out the vote and most important, vote themselves.

Republicans beware, before you assume victory in the 2010 midterm elections with a wishful takeover of the House or the Senate, you must first confront a massive frontal assault. Yes, folks this will be war. A virtual Gettysburg-style Pickett’s charge of the Army of Organizing for America. Wildly waving the flag of their leader President O, this army never sleeps. OFA is operating 24/7 and ready to “mobilize supporters in favor of Obama’s legislative agenda” as explained by its mission statement.

Last week the Army of OFA scored a major victory pushing health care over the edge according to The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza with OFA’s ability to

“channel grassroots support for the bill in effective and even confrontational ways.”

Here is an eyewitness account of what transpired from my embedded OFA spy

who forwarded me some e-mails from the final days of the D-Day-like epic Battle to Save Barack Obama’s Presidency; otherwise known as the vote for health care reform.

Even more fortuitous, my spy happens to live in a district with an undecided Democratic Congressman. TARGET SIGHTED. GET READY AIM.

Now, with the House vote scheduled for Sunday, March 21, my spy received yet another follow-up e-mail from OFA after a full week of daily e-mail bombardment on Saturday, March 20, at 10:26 a.m., alerting him that Congressman X in HIS district was STILL undecided. (The nerve of that man.)

The e-mail stated that Congressman X has stood with the President and fought for reform since last year. But with special interests attacking anyone who pushes for change, it’s important for real voters in your district to call and say “thank you for fighting for reform” “So we’re aiming for 428 calls to Congressman X’s office from (name of town) before his offices close this evening.”

My spy assumed those 428 calls from “real voters” in his town helped turn Congressman X around, because ultimately he did surrender and vote yes.


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