To Arms! To Arms! Obamacare is coming!

March 22, 2010 03:54

Despite  historic protests spanning over a year beginning with town hall meetings challenging lawmakers at home and massive rallies at the capital, Obama and the Democrats have succeeded in pushing through a far reaching and destructive expansion in government which will destroy the best health care system in the world, continue the recession and cripple the US economy for generations to come.  Regaining congress in 2010 will not be enough to stop the juggernaut. Even if Republicans were to win every race there will not be enough votes to overcome an Obama veto of any attempts to repeal or dramatically alter this bill. Our only hope is to recall congressmen and senators who voted for this monstrosity with the arrogance of those who do not have to face the people and who care more for their own power than the well being of their constituents. Recall congress is a project of The American Civil Rights Union and is a campaign to recall senators and members of congress that have ignored the will of the people and do not stand for election in 2010. GET INVOLVED! Join those in your state or start the ball rolling yourself! We must act to truly change this government from being a tyrant over the people to being a servant of the people. The future of American is at stake. The world we leave to our children and grandchildren is being determined by our actions or inaction today. Our country faces destruction by those within our borders, those within the very government itself. Now is the time, now is the need.

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