TX adopts more conservative social studies standards -books to be used across US

March 12, 2010 20:50

After years of liberals remaking our history through the Texas School board approval of text books which get used throughout the nation, conservatives finally have enough votes to get back to history and away from propaganda. In a battle that has been waging quietly for years, the people are becoming aware of how crucial what our kids are taught really is.

Washington Times reports –  “The Texas State Board of Education agreed to new social studies standards on Friday after the far-right faction wielded its power to shape the lessons that will be taught to millions of students on American history, the U.S. free enterprise system, religion and other topics.” (emphasis added)

Notice that when the board members just want historical facts about the Founding Fathers and important people and events from the making of our great nation, they are labeled far-right faction. Yet when the far-left faction was removing George Washington, the faith of the Founding Fathers and substituting rap music, no mention was made.


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