Abortion looms over Supreme Court fight

April 22, 2010 04:55

White House, activists gird for reprise of ‘huge battle’ after health debate

By Valerie Richardson at Washington Times

President Obama managed to avoid a full-scale eruption over abortion politics with his first Supreme Court nominee, but he probably won’t get that lucky twice.

After surging to the political forefront during the contentious health care debate, the abortion issue shows no sign of retreating in time for the Supreme Court confirmation process this summer. Republicans and pro-life groups remain furious over the compromise struck between pro-life Democrats and the White House that they say left the prospect of taxpayer-funded abortion in the health care law.

That anger is likely to spill over into the confirmation hearings, despite Mr. Obama’s plea Wednesday for a “smooth, civil, thoughtful nomination process and confirmation process” like the one in 2009 for Sonia Sotomayor. Hes expected to make a nomination in the coming weeks.

“I certainly believe the abortion issue will figure prominently in the upcoming Supreme Court battle,” said Penny Nance, chief executive officer of the conservative Concerned Women for America. “People are highly energized about the fact that their tax dollars are going to pay for other people’s abortions.”


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