Conservative Marco Rubio triples Crist 1st quarter fund raising $3.6 million to $1.1 million in Florida senate race

April 10, 2010 08:36

A shot across the bow for liberal (“moderate”) Republicans. The sleeping giant of the American people is waking up!

Early Rubio supporters like myself are ecstatic at the difference a year has made. I gave knowing Rubio was a long shot at the time against a popular and well funded sitting Governor of Florida.  But Rubio’s consistent message is one that is resonating all across America and appeals to the cross section of American’s that are waking up to the very real and immediate threat to future of our country.

Crist is still hoping for change like his fellow stimulus bill campaigner Barack Obama. Pictures and video of Crist running around Florida arm in arm with a smiling Obama pushing the corrupt and now despised stimulus bill have hurt him in the polls and catapulted Rubio to the front.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Crist’s campaign blames his busy work schedule for the lack of fund raising:

TALLAHASSEE — Looks like Gov. Charlie Crist’s reign as the heavyweight champion of Florida fund-raising is officially over.

Wounded by a rebellion from the right flank of his party, the Republican governor’s U.S. Senate campaign announced late Friday that it had managed to raise just $1.1 million for the three-month fundraising period that ended last week.

While nothing to sneeze at, the total pales in comparison to the $3.6 million primary foe Marco Rubio’s campaign reported for the same quarter.

After speaking to supporters in The Villages community Friday night, Crist had little to say about his fundraising. “I’m very pleased of what we’ve got in the bank,” the governor said.

Overall, the Crist campaign still is sitting on a mountain of cash — $10 million raised, and $7.5 million in the bank — but a lot of that is money raised for a general election that’s looking much fuzzier for Crist.

“Even with a limited fundraising program this quarter due to the governor’s busy work schedule during session, we were still able to raise a tremendous amount of money,” Crist campaign manager Eric Eikenberg said in a statement.

“We look forward to continuing to educate voters about the differences in this race between a true public servant and someone who uses public office for private gain, and we are grateful we have the resources to get out the governor’s message of less taxes, less spending, and more freedom.”

See why Rubio is winning:

Marco Rubio clip 1 of 2 at CPAC 2010

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