Democrat Congressman: America’s Fossil Fuel Use Is ‘Sinful’

April 22, 2010 04:16

Is this the only ‘sin’ the government will rail against? What about the sin of lying about the whole ‘green’ movement and global warming?

By Matt Cove at

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D.-Mo.) said on Wednesday that it is “sinful” for Americans to use the amount of fossil fuels they do. Cleaver, a United Methodist pastor, also said the Bible commands people to be good stewards of the Earth, which he said mankind is not doing.

“When you realize how much fossil fuel we use, it is sinful,” Cleaver told reporters on Capitol Hill. “I do know what is in the Bible, and we are, it is declared by–that the Sun and the Earth is the Lord’s, in the fullness thereof, meaning everything that is in it.  And that means that we are stewards that must take care of God’s Earth.”


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