Dishonoring the war dead

April 6, 2010 05:58

Marine’s father has to pay court costs to horrible wacko protesters at son’s funeral.

by James Richardson at RedState

After watching with disgust and bluster the party-line passage of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, Americans are wont for substantive bipartisan cooperation. And around what better cause can Washington unite a fractured nation than by excising one of the most revolting poxes on civil society through the passage of federal “Rest in Peace” legislation? Kicking Fred Phelps‘ ass is just the dose of bipartisanship America needs and deserves.

Albert Snyder, whose son Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew A. Snyder died in Iraq four years ago March, learned Friday an appeals court mandated he must pay for the legal fees of professional provocateur Rev. Phelps and his controversial Westboro Baptist Church, with whom he had been locked in a bitter and protracted legal dispute for several years now.

“I think it’s a slap in the face,” Snyder said of the ruling. “It’s like, ‘Sorry Mr. Snyder, you buried your son for us, but we’re going to reverse the decision and we’re going to make you give them money so they can do this to more soldiers.’ I think it’s an insult to every soldier, Marine and veteran out there that has served this country.”

Days after Snyder’s death, Phelps and a handful of WBC congregants traveled to the family’s home town of Finksburg, Maryland to share their gospel: God is punishing America for her tolerance of homosexuality, and young Snyder was the latest casualty in a brewing war with Heaven.

Hurling their patented anti-gay invectives just feet from Snyder’s burial service, Phelps and his ilk came with their now-notorious “God hates fags,” “Semper fi fags,” “Fag troops” and “Thank God for dead soldiers” posters. Their signs left little to the imagination; Fred Phelps hate everyone, but few beyond gays and lesbians engender such disdain and hatred in his small black heart.

“It’s pretty bad when you go to your son’s funeral and there are pictures of two men having anal intercourse,” Snyder said recently to Newsweek Magazine, recounting the day of Matthew’s funeral. “It’s hard enough to bury a 20-year-old soldier, but to go through this at the same time is like kicking you in the face while you are lying on the ground.”

No parent should be responsible for burying their own child. Indeed, it’s difficult to imagine another experience more painful, more emotionally wrecking than laying your own child to rest. But doing so within earshot of the stomach-churning rhetoric of a deranged hatemonger like Fred Phelps somehow rises to the despicable challenge like few others can.

“He was the hero and he was the love of my life,” Albert Snyder said of his son. But the last memory of his hero will be of Fred Phelps waving signs that would cause Hugh Hefner to blush.


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