Obama payoff to unions now official – only unions get government contracts

April 15, 2010 04:19

This is blatant bribery at the highest level of government. Unions spent almost half a TRILLION dollars electing Obama and Democrats and now taxpayers must pay 30% more for everything contracted by the government to pay back the unions. These people should go to jail!

Obama administration hands down rule limiting contract bidding to union shops

By Aleksandra Kulczuga – The Daily Caller

It’s official — federal agencies can now require that contractors be unionized to bid on large federal construction projects. A ruling sent down by the White House on Tuesday finalized an Executive Order President Obama signed last year, which promotes the use of Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) on federal contracts. PLAs are pre-hire, collective-bargaining agreements with unions that establish terms of a large contract.

Supporters say PLAs ensure stability on large-scale projects by preventing strikes and delays. Economist Jared Bernstein blogged on the White House Middle Class Task Force Web site, “PLAs also help ensure compliance with laws and regulations governing workplace safety and health, equal employment opportunity and labor and employment standards.”

Critics argue they needlessly raise costs and are a handout to unions.

“Essentially the administration is picking winners and losers, and we have 25 percent unemployment in the construction industry,” said Ben Brubeck, director of labor and federal procurement at Associated Builders and Contractors, a construction trade organization.

More than 85 percent of the construction industry is not unionized. While the ruling is not a mandate, it encourages agencies to require union labor on any projects with more than $25 million in federal funding.

PLAs require that all contractors who want to bid pay union wages and benefits. They effectively prevent non-union shops from bidding.


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