Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry signs 3 anti-abortion bills

April 19, 2010 03:45

Gov. Brad Henry signed measures Monday to prevent women from getting abortions based on the gender of the fetus, require that only qualified physicians administer the RU-486 abortion pill and protect employees who refuse to participate in abortions.


A New York-based women’s rights group says it will wait until the end of the Oklahoma legislative session to determine whether it will challenge anti-abortion legislation.

Henry signed the three measures without comment.

Legislators are considering four other anti-abortion bills. All seven were included in two bills that legislators passed previously but were struck down by courts after legal challenges.

“We are disappointed that the governor signed these bills into law,” said Stephanie Toti, a staff attorney with the Center for Reproductive Rights.

The session is scheduled to end May 28.

Tony Lauinger, state chairman for Okahomans for Life, said the measures signed by Henry should pass legal muster.

“We feel confident that these bills will be upheld if they are challenged,” Lauinger said. “We believe they are absolutely constitutional. They help to underscore the importance of defending innocent human life in every way we are able to under the current U.S. Supreme Court rulings,” he said.


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