The next Obamacare target: Your bacon sandwich

April 22, 2010 05:04

In the end, the salty and the sweet will be carted off in Michelle Obama’s great food roundup. The rules are being worked out with the producers so that consumers won’t notice any big shift, but one day it will be illegal to sell food that exceeds federal standards for saltiness.

By: Chris Stirewalt at Washington Examiner

Are you prepared to go from the supermarket to the black market for your bacon?

The Food and Drug Administration is preparing to lower the boom on sodium content in American food. And companies are scrambling to lower the salt levels in their products in advance of the new rules.

The target is not really your BLT, but instead the huge piles of sodium that are used to make otherwise inedible processed food pass for something good to eat.

It is cheaper for the food industry to fool your palate with flavor additives than use good ingredients. So, for example, the Nature Valley granola bar you feel so good about tucking into Junior’s lunch bag contains three quarters as much salt as a strip of that crispy but still chewy bacon that he could have had instead.


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