Top Communist tells comrades to stick with Democrats

April 10, 2010 13:27

Communist Party USA infiltration of the Democratic Party has waxed and waned over the years, but now seems to be reaching for a new high.

From KeyWikiblog

A big part of Communist Party National Secretary Sam Webb’s job consists working to unite a fractious left behind and within the Democrat Party.

Webb calls this the “people’s movement” – in effect all radical forces under the leadership or influence of the Communist Party and its allies in labor, the churches, “community organizations and the peace movement.

Webb understands that the Democrats are the best vehicle to push the Communist agenda at this point.

Writing in the Peoples World Sam Webb explains;

Only a particular kind of movement possessing a particular kind of strategic vision has the capacity to challenge the array of forces on the other side of the class struggle at this juncture.

At its core are the multi-racial working class (and its organized sector), the racially and nationally oppressed people, women, and youth. But gathered in and around it are many other social movements, including undocumented immigrants, and political forces, including the Obama administration and sections of the Democratic Party.

Yes, sections of the Democratic Party! Until a large section of the mass constituency of the Democratic Party, as a result of its own experience primarily, is ready to build a new party with a pronounced anti-corporate vision, the broader people’s movement will have a tactical relationship to the Democrats, if it has any political sense. Slogans like “Break with the Democrats” may sound radical and may look good on one’s resume, but at this moment it is a recipe for marginalization.

With Party “friend” Barack Obama in the White House and far left Congressmen such as Barbara Lee, John Conyers, Danny K. Davis and Dennis Kucinich pushing a near identical agenda, the Communists would be foolish to jump the Democrat ship at this point.

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