U.S. Officials: Iran Could Have Nuke in One Year

April 14, 2010 18:14

The Obama administration seems to want to have it both ways, raising the fears of an imminent, nuclear-armed Iran while saying a real threat isn’t on the horizon.

From Newsmax.com

WASHINGTON – U.S. officials say Iran’s accelerated nuclear program could produce one weapon in roughly a year, if the country decided to go that route.

But having said that Iran could make a nuclear bomb in about a year if it wants to, a top U.S. general then seemingly backtracked and said it would still take longer than that to make the bomb usable.

Gen. James Cartwright says that, historically, it takes a country three to five years to make such a leap. Cartwright is the nation’s second highest-ranking military officer.

The timeline he cited Wednesday could be shortened if Iran pursued ways to deliver a weapon at the same time as it worked to build a bomb.

Military and intelligence officials testifying before Congress Wednesday would not publicly address whether the U.S. has changed its 4-year-old assessment that Iran isn’t actively seeking a bomb, according to the Associated Press.

The U.S. government has prepared a new, classified, assessment of Iranian nuclear ability and intent, and this latest assessment seems to dramatically push up the timetable previous Obama administration official have given for an Iranian nuke.

Iran could produce enough highly enriched uranium with the number of centrifuges it has installed to build one nuclear bomb in as little as a year, the head of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency said on Wednesday.

“The general consensus — not knowing again the exact number of centrifuges that we actually have visibility into — is we’re talking one year,” Lieutenant General Ronald Burgess told a Senate panel.

Michele Flournoy, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, said President Barack Obama has made clear all options are on the table to rein in Iran’s nuclear program but that “military options are not preferable and we continue to believe that the most effective approach at this point in time is the combination of diplomacy and pressure.”

This newest assessment seemed to push up the timetable by a matter of degrees, especially since Iran in its continuous stream of propaganda has assured the world that it is moving as fast as it can to become a nuclear power.

Iran will join the global nuclear club within one month, according to the deputy research chief of the Islamic republic’s Atomic Energy of Iran (AEOI).

The Iranian news agency Fars on Tuesday quoted Behzad Soltani, who also serves as the secretary-general of the AEOI’s Scientific Cooperation Council, as saying that “no country would ever think about attacking Iran” once the nuclear threshold has been crossed.


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