Under Obama, a diminished sense of opportunity

April 5, 2010 04:59

Last summer I wrote a column framed as a letter to a young Obama voter. It concluded, “You want policies that will enable you to choose your future. Obama backs policies that would let centralized authorities choose much of your future for you. Is this the hope and change you want?”

By: Michael Barone at Washington Examiner

It seems that some young Obama voters have decided it isn’t. The Pew Research Center’s poll of the millennial generation, which voted 66 to 32 percent for Obama in 2008, found that they identify with Democrats over Republicans by only a 54 to 40 percent margin this year.

Perhaps they are coming to realize that the burdens the Obama policies are placing on the private sector economy are reducing their choices for the future. The stimulus package, Obamacare, higher taxes (when the health care plan kicks in and when the Bush cuts for high earners expire), new environmental restrictions — they’re all job killers and help to explain why a recovering economy isn’t producing many new jobs. Unemployment has been at 10 percent, rounded off, for six months now. Even Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says it’s not going to decline a lot anytime soon.


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