FBI arrests three over New York bomb inquiry

May 14, 2010 04:07

US authorities investigating the attempted bombing in New York’s Times Square have arrested three men during searches over four US states.

From BBC News

The justice department said they were being held over alleged immigration violations after raids in Maine, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

The US attorney general said the three were linked to a man already charged with the attempted attack on 1 May.

Pakistani-born US citizen Faisal Shazhad, 30, lived in Connecticut.

Authorities say Mr Shazhad has waived his US legal rights and is co-operating with federal officials.

Two of the men were arrested in suburbs outside Boston, Massachusetts, and a third in Maine.

A law enforcement official told the Associated Press news agency that two of the men taken into custody from a house near Boston, Massachusetts, were from Pakistan.

The official said one of the men had been arrested because he had overstayed his visa.

The second had already been awaiting a ruling from an immigration court hearing on whether he would be removed from the country.

Attorney General Eric Holder said in Washington: “These are people who are connected to Mr Shahzad, we’re still trying to determine exactly what the nature of that connection was.

“There’s at least a basis to believe that one of the things that they did was provide him with funds and so we’re trying to trace back.”


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