Greece has tax cheats in its government too

May 18, 2010 04:00

In a story about Greece getting the first 20 billion of its bailout money, the BBC reveals that a Deputy Tourism Minister Angela Gerekou was dismissed for unpaid taxes. Guess they don’t buy those Geitner excuses over there.

From BBC News

Greece has received the first tranche of a 110bn-euro ($136bn; £94bn) loan to help it overcome its debt crisis, the European Union has said.

The European Commission said 20bn euros from the EU and the International Monetary Fund had been drawn on.

The bail-out package for Greece – which has an 8.1bn-euro bond repayment due on Wednesday – was agreed earlier in May.

On Monday, eurozone finance ministers insisted the euro was still credible despite its slide against the dollar.

The European single currency fell to its lowest level against the dollar since 2006, amid concerns that debt problems will undermine Europe’s recovery.

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