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May 11, 2010 19:44

We have faith in the American people. If they have the truth they will make the right choices.

That is why Obama and the socialists are working so hard to discredit, disparage and silence anyone who exposes the truth. YOU must help!

Show people where to learn about what is going on. Print out these articles, email them tweet them and put them on your Facebook page. Talk about it even when its not comfortable.

Our nation is at stake. Get off the couch, turn off the TV and get in the fight. Our nation is being raped, our treasury looted and our children are being turned into government slaves. What will you tell them when they ask what you did in the fight to save America?

Go to top menu bar and click on MORE to search by issues. Educate yourself and then those around you. Call, fax, email and write your federal, state and local government representatives. Hold them accountable for fiscal responsibility. Expose corruption at all levels. Work in campaigns and encourage others to get involved. Run for office, go to meetings, be heard.

Together we CAN turn this country around and win back the government to be truly for the people.

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