The Cartel – the movie that exposes teachers unions

May 10, 2010 08:05

This movie is just one example, along with the reports of how they are furiously lashing out against Governor Christie, of how the New Jersey teachers are now running scared. This is an excellent thing for everyone not on their gravy train. Those with the political power of the teachers are likely to believe that they can simply hunker down and wait for a change in the political weather, and they may be right.

By at American Spectator

There is one scene in Bob Bowdon’s movie, The Cartel, that ought to be required viewing for everyone who has ever voted Democratic, especially if you live in New Jersey. It is the scene of a lottery drawing for places in a Charter School in that state, which pays its teachers and the school administrators with which its educational system is top-heavy more than any other. Mr. Bowdon’s camera shows us the faces of the parents and children who have been chosen for the school and the faces of those who have not. Both are in tears, but for the chosen ones, they are tears of joy; for those not chosen, they are tears of despair. “Thank you, God. They have a chance,” says one of the lucky mothers who is overwhelmed by her good fortune. Mercifully, Mr. Bowdon allows the faces of those who have missed out on that chance — yet again — to speak for themselves.

This scene is singled out by Jeannette Catsoulis of the New York Times as being particularly “egregious” in a film that is already what she calls a “bludgeoning rant” and “lousy with ad hominems and emotional coercion.” What she describes with sneering irony as “another tiny victim of public school hell” is to her just an example of the film-maker’s “emotional coercion” — as if he had managed to find a child actress who could cry on cue instead of turning his camera on a real-life tragedy to which Ms. Catsoulis and others of her political persuasion are determinedly blind. The same must be true of a majority of the voters of New Jersey, who year in and year out have allowed the vast pool of human misery of which this is just one small indication remain undrained in order that they may go on foolishly over-funding their public schools and the unions that run them for their own profit and convenience and congratulating themselves on their “progressivism” in doing so.


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