Tide of PR battle turns against public employee unions

May 17, 2010 09:33

By: Hugh Hewitt – Americans love it when underdogs bark back at bullies. More candor, more specificity, more honesty about the need to carve back the sweet deals made over the past two decades will bring sustained applause from voters.

By: Hugh Hewitt at Washington Examiner

What do New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and longtime-blogger-turned-California-Senate-candidate Mickey Kaus have in common?

Both are talking candidly and with enormous conviction about the peril in which public employee unions have put the finances of their respective states.

The result is that Christie is the newest populist hero: a living, breathing pol who answers questions directly and does not shy away from detailed arguments about fiscal excess.

And Kaus may yet demonstrate that even primary voters on the Democratic side of the ballot are paying attention to the excesses of their party. If Kaus scores in double digits against incumbent Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer in the June 8 Golden State primary, it will send a message that not even the most entrenched Beltway MSMer can avoid or mistake.

Unlike President Obama, who can use up 15 minutes and say nothing, Christie needed less than five minutes last week to rebuke the standard media narrative about what is unfolding in the Garden State.


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