Will Petraeus Be Like Ike?

May 4, 2010 05:06

As his achievements pile up, speculation grows that superstar Gen. David Petraeus will run for the White House.

By at American Spectator

In the early stages of implementing the surge strategy in Iraq, United States military commanders started to detect that the new plan was working, but the signs of progress were overshadowed as casualties mounted while American soldiers fought to secure the cities.

During a meeting around this time, a senior officer put his arm around Gen. David Petraeus, then leading the war effort in Iraq, and advised, “You know, you’ve got a messaging problem.”

Petraeus replied, “With all due respect, what we really have is a results problem.”

In late March of this year, Petraeus recalled the encounter at a press conference held during a trip to Manchester, New Hampshire. He punctuated the story by noting, “Occasionally, I can hear my old Dutch-American sea captain father, who would periodically remind his son, ‘It’s about results, boy.'”


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