A constant flow of illegals – More proof Jon Kyle told the truth

June 22, 2010 04:21

SecureBorderIntel — June 21, 2010 — Continuing series showing recent smuggling activity along the U.S./Mexico border. In this video, even in high temperatures in the Sonoran desert of southern Arizona; smugglers drive large numbers of suspected illegal aliens 80 miles or more to the main highway. Sometimes they load into several smaller vehicles, other times they just continue on loaded like this until they reach a drop house or other smuggling hub. The trucks sometimes are captured or found disabled, staged for use, or otherwise abandoned. They are often either reported stolen or have been registered with a $15 annual ranch tag that allows for off road use. Area law Enforcement (BLM USBP, Sheriffs, and State Highway Patrol) are spread too thin and sometimes even out gunned by smugglers in this area. This is also a well documented drug corridor. The nearest Border patrol Station, AJO, AZ, is more than an hour drive from the border. There are no real border fences or patrol roads here. Just organized and effective smugglers.

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