A Soldier Speaks: What about Some Respect From Obama?

June 25, 2010 03:47

There are no rules of “civility” any longer. One must simply fight if one hopes to win this war. But it does not appear that the Right will be able to do this because the Right cannot identify that there is a war, doesn’t realize that there are no rules of engagement, and cannot even identify who the domestic enemy is.

JONAH KNOX at Accuracy in Media

Now that General McChrystal is gone, liberals and conservatives seem to agree that McChrystal did not show sufficient “respect” for President Obama. But what about respect from Obama and his ruling liberal elite for our system, our country, and its values? What about the chain of command that makes Obama answerable to the American people and the system that he is so brazenly attempting to transform into something completely foreign to what our founders intended?

Whatever differences the liberals and conservatives have on this issue, most commentators agree that General McChrystal—and his aides—should not have said what was in the Rolling Stone interview. The agreement explains why the liberals have won the battle over the long-term fate of the United States of America. They are controlling the debate over what is appropriate and what is not.

As an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran who was stationed in the Middle East, I am not a fan of General McChrystal. But that doesn’t matter in this situation because the key point is that many of those supposedly on the Right who like General McChrystal nevertheless agreed with the liberals that it was wrong for an active duty general to “undermine” or “disparage” the commander-in-chief. They said that it’s something that you just don’t do—that it violates the way things are done and breaks rules. What nonsense.


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