District Court deals temporary setback to Obama’s bankrupting agenda

June 24, 2010 18:53

Obama’s green policies will steal your freedom and bankrupt America. Ask the poor folks in the Gulf.

By Chris Horner at The Daily Caller

Pardon me for feeling a tad vindicated. Since the release of my latest book just two months ago, a few radio hosts, and Sean Hannity on TV, have raised their rhetorical eyebrows at the subtitle of Power Grab: How Obama’s Green Policies Will Steal Your Freedom and Bankrupt America. “Bankrupt America? C’mon”, they say. Well.

It is now known to those who follow the issue that Obama’s express model for his (continued) vow to centrally plan a “green economy” is bankrupting Spain, the country he hailed eight times for its vision. And Spain has acknowledged it.

Ratifying this assessment were Obama’s pleas to that country to stop the gusher of public spending for fear of Spain becoming the next Greece and bringing us down ultimately in the process.  Never mind that he is pumping the gas here while imploring others to pump the brakes. After all, there’s a “fundamental transformation” to put in place here. Undoing which will, as he knows, be next to impossible, even if crisis causes a lessening of the wealth transfers on occasion.

Then there are the other elements of what he has in plan for you, as detailed in Power Grab: he is not anti-offshore drilling, he is anti-domestic energy production. Immediately upon entering office he sealed off millions of acres from domestic energy production in a breathtaking, well, power grab, even canceling leases already entered.


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