Exposing the criminal connections looting the US

June 22, 2010 20:01

Glenn Beck continues to expose the corrupt connections between Obama, Podesta, BP and Soros.

Obama administration desperate to hide deep connections to BP

Obama Trumpets Radical Energy Agenda -Sen. Inhofe

$7-a-gallon gas?

Krauthammer: Dreamer in chief wants to lead us down green path to destruction

Obama’s ‘green’ jobs role model, Spain, is next European bailout

Obama and Oil: Greasing America’s Decline

Obama’s plan to pass cap and trade with lame ducks

Obama takes direction on spill from Soros funded think tank according to Wall Street Journal

Obama’s Destruction Of Capitalism

Cap & Ruin also known as the American Power Act

The Great Global Warming Swindle – video documentary

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