It’s time to plug the leadership hole

June 1, 2010 04:18

When faced with a challenge, be it an oil spill, a health care debate, or a financial meltdown, Obama’s M.O. is now painfully clear. Blame someone else, grow the size of government, and increase taxes. It’s a plan of attack that will only serve to create greater problems down the road.

By Robert Laurie at The Daily Caller

During his Thursday press conference, President Obama once again assured the American people that, when it came to the oil spill, he’d been involved “since day one.” Unfortunately, simply being involved isn’t enough. The Gulf situation has been screaming for leadership and Obama has failed to deliver. Receiving daily briefings, which Obama cited as his sole example of day one involvement, is not leadership. Placing your “boot on the neck” of the people who are in a position to solve the problem is, likewise, not leadership. Screaming “Plug the damn hole” at those trying to implement the solution? You get the point. In crisis, leadership is required – not just “involvement.” Sadly, it’s something sorely lacking in the current administration and Thursday’s Q&A put a spotlight on the shortcoming.

“Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?”

Let’s ignore the fact that the story regarding his Malia’s oil spill question is straight out of the Jimmy Carter no-nukes playbook. For a moment, we’ll forgive the fact that the account sounds an awful lot like one of those saccharine, Norman Rockwell tales designed to tug on campaign heartstrings. If we assume the exchange went down exactly as he says it did, we’re left wondering. How did he respond?

According to the rest of Thursday’s press conference, the honest answer would have been “No honey, Daddy’s incapable of plugging the hole because he doesn’t have the technology, but don’t worry, he’s been briefed since day one, and he’s spent the last month and making enemies out of the people who have the solution.”

Mr. President, a leader solves the problem first.


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