No objectivity in climate debate

June 30, 2010 07:28

To believe that a single trace molecule in the atmosphere controls the climate and that the even further miniscule portion of this gas caused by humans can effect change, is to put it mildly a ‘blunder’. But to base billions of wasted tax money on this as ‘science’ and then to promote ruinous taxation as a remedy creates undeniable FRAUD.

It’s Clouds Illusions That I Recall

By Joseph A Olson, PE at Canada Free Press

In all of the smoke and mirrors drama that passes for debate on ‘climate change’, it is sometimes helpful to the layman to provide a ‘voters guide’ on this confusing squabble. The strictly science issues are confusing, but further skewed by economic interests who have complete control of the federal government.

When the objective is greater control, greater regulation and greater tax income then the federal government is NOT a disinterested party in the debate. When federal grants and subsidies can be directed to favor one outcome, then there CAN BE NO OBJECTIVITY. When the 350 year traditions of the English Scientific Method can be abandoned for the ‘good of the cause’, then there is little hope for truth in the future.

To the layman this may appear as a two sided debate, with ‘government science’ under attack from kooks and industry insiders. To those involved in this debate there is a vast difference. At this time there is a four sided debate and this is a guide to those four sides.

It’s the Mirror, No It’s the Smoke

By far the greatest force opposing the Anthropomorphic Global Warming (AGW or Warmist) cult movement are the ‘Solarists’. They wave their mirror and try to blind the public with the claim that ‘all climate change is the result of solar fluctuations’. It is hard to argue that being 92 million miles away from a 865,000 mile diameter fusion generator does not have its measurable side effects.

The Sun does have periodic fluctuations with measurable changes on the Earth’s climate. But oddly, the TOTAL solar output remains within 0.1% and is therefore referred to as a ‘Solar Constant’. The measurable changes in solar fusion radiation cannot explain all of the Earth climate variations in either short or long term cycles.

The other side of the ‘smoke and mirror debate’ is the smoke side which is divided into two camps. The combustion smoke climate forcers, or warmists, believe that the trace level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the main, or the extreme position, the sole factor in climate change. There is no limit to the hyperbole and extrapolation that this camp can bring to the debate.

What the Warmists would prefer that you ignore is that there is a decade’s long link of the ‘Carbon Trading Market’ to the monopolistic elites. This is the same group that brought us the Savings and Loan Crisis, the Dot Com Bubble and the recent Banking fraud. These are the true puppeteers of this whole debate.

Footnotes to “Its Clouds Illusions That I Recall”

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