Officials: Al Qaeda No. 3 Killed

June 1, 2010 04:38

“Al-Masri was the group’s chief operating officer,” the official said, “with a hand in everything from finances to operational planning.  He was also the organization’s prime conduit to Bin Ladin and Zawahiri.  He was key to al-Qaeda’s command and control.”

Jake Tapper at abc

US officials tell ABC News that al Qaeda’s No. 3 — Mustafa Ahmed Muhammad Uthman Abu al-Yazid, known as Shaikh Sa’id al-Masri and Mustafa Abu al-Yazid – has been killed. Al Qaeda released a eulogy of Shaikh Sa’id tonight, officials said.

“Word is spreading in extremist circles of the death of Sheikh Sa’id al-Masri, widely viewed as the number three figure in al-Qaeda,” a US official told ABC News. “We have strong reason to believe that’s true, and that al-Masri was killed recently in Pakistan’s tribal areas.  In terms of counterterrorism, this would be a big victory.”

US officials believed him to have been killed about a week ago in Pakistan.


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