Palin Factor Was Crucial to GOP Victories

June 9, 2010 15:32

In an exclusive interview, veteran political strategist Ed Gillespie tells Newsmax that Tuesday night’s GOP victors owe much to Sarah Palin, whose endorsements carry a lot of weight with the conservative grassroots.

By: Jim Meyers at

Veteran political strategist Ed Gillespie tells Newsmax that two Republican women who won primaries on Tuesday, Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina, will be victorious in the general election — while a third candidate, Democrat Blanche Lincoln, is doomed to defeat in November.

Sarah Palin helped several candidates win on Tuesday because she is “willing to shake things up,” says Gillespie, who also predicts that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will be in serious trouble running against a tea party Republican in Nevada.

Gillespie was White House Counselor under President George W. Bush and is a former chairman of the Republican National Committee.


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