Sean Hannity’s Time for Choosing

June 28, 2010 06:38

Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda
By Sean Hannity – a review.
Sean Hannity scores again.

By at  American Spectator

Sean Hannity scores again.

Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda is not simply one more book from a talk radio or television star. There are plenty of those in today’s world, most deservedly disappearing with a speed one can only wish were true with the Obama era.

What Hannity has written is a modern, book-length version of Ronald Reagan’s famous 1964 televised speech for Barry Goldwater, “A Time for Choosing.” Just as Reagan’s speech served as an alarm bell in the day, if the Republican National Committee really wanted some bang for its buck in 2010 it would buy Conservative Victory in bulk and distribute it to every GOP candidate and campaign manager across the land.

In three succinct sections, the Fox and talk radio host has taken the time in carefully considered detail to do three important things. First, lay out the case against President Obama’s radical agenda and why victory in 2010 is so critical. Second, remind of the classic conservative principles Ronald Reagan used to win elections and successfully govern, in addition to discussing the 1994 Gingrich Contract for America. Third, apply those Reaganite principles to the political world of 2010 — and beyond. With a warning against the folly of a third party thrown in.


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