The Chaos Factor by Bill O’Reilly

June 27, 2010 18:01

Americans like strong leadership that appears to have things under control. Anybody seen that recently?

Bill O’Reilly at Human Events

With apologies to Rod Serling and his classic “Twilight Zone” TV series, there is a signpost up ahead in America, and it reads, “The Chaos Zone.” The firing of Gen. Stanley McChrystal is just one piece of a jumbled public policy puzzle that now threatens the presidency of Barack Obama.

Let’s take it step by step. Afghanistan is going poorly because the Afghan government is corrupt and the folks distrust their leadership. So there’s not great enthusiasm to fight the Taliban even though those killers are despised, as well. Also, to avoid civilian casualties, U.S. and NATO forces rarely call in air strikes and have a virtual checklist before firing at bad guys. Now, their commander has been fired because of a stupid article in Rolling Stone magazine, of all publications. Couldn’t it have at least been Reader’s Digest?

Back home, the oil spill continues to gush unabated. To say this situation is chaotic is understating it by miles. Recently, the Coast Guard stopped vessels from vacuuming up oil slicks in order to check out the life vest situation. Geez.


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