Bye Bye Miss American Pie?

July 6, 2010 04:34

Freedom is never free; the price is knowledge, vigilance, and action. I recommend that everyone read [or re-read] Brave New World, 1984, Animal Farm, Anthem, Atlas Shrugged, and We the Living, to see where all of this leads. These works’ authors all saw the horrors of the Totalitarian State and the Cult of Personality up close and personal. These works will inspire and motivate you to learn more and do more to protect our unique American way of life.

By William R. Mann at Canada Free Press

I increasingly turn to the British Press in order to get assessments of what is happening here in the USA economy. It offers a somewhat different perspective.

I do not know what the Depression “felt like” in 1932. But we do have a historical record. It took from October 1929 until early 1932 before America really began to feel the effects of the Great Depression.

Sanguine historians and the historical record argue persuasively that FDR’s New Deal Socialist Programs, begun in 1933, prolonged the Depression in America long after Europe and elsewhere had begun sustained economic recovery. Amity Shlaes’ excellent book, The Forgotten Man, shows [among other things] how FDR shamelessly politicized the Great Depression in order to consolidate Progressive Democrat political gains. In 1937 economic and employment conditions were simply awful in America. Unemployment in 1937 was higher than it was in 1931, fully two years after the Crash of ‘29. Yet, FDR was elected to a Third and a Fourth Term.


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