Colombian narco terrorist group FARC has 1,500 men in 28 camps in Venezuela

July 15, 2010 16:11

El has learned from state intelligence agencies and the DAS which  show how they move members of FARC in Venezuela and Cuba, with known and suspected guerrilla camps used to export the Bolivarian project into Colombia.

Locations of  training centers of the FARC are in the border of Arauca, located in the states of Apure and Zulia, which are described in the document, and it specifies that in that area are about 1,500 of the FARC members in 28 camps used “as relief for the soldiers who come from Colombia, and to give first aid. ” Moreover, these areas allow takeoffs of aircraft for drug trafficking.

Last year Venezuela was shown to be aiding the FARC terrorist group in its battle against the Colombian government.


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