Dems change ‘climate’ saving language to ‘pollution’

July 14, 2010 07:42

In the face of overwhelming evidence that the whole global warming hoax is out of the bag, Harry Reid tells greenies that an ‘energy’ bill would ‘talk about pollution’ avoiding use of the words “carbon” or “greenhouse gases”.

By Ben Geman and Darren Goode at The Hill

Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has pledged to bring to the Senate floor an energy and climate package that includes controversial greenhouse gas curbs, throwing a lifeline to liberals who say the legislation falls short without them.

Reid indicated the bill would include provisions to limit greenhouse gases from electric power plants, which account for roughly a third of the country’s emissions.

The emissions plan is one part of a bill that also includes a response to the BP oil spill, in part with enhanced rig safety requirements, and measures to boost alternative energy and curb oil use.

Reid’s pledge, however, left major questions about the scope of the utility plan and steered clear of any details. He declined even to use the words “carbon” or “greenhouse gases,” vowing instead to target “pollution.”

“At this stage, we haven’t completed it, but we’re looking at a way of making sure that when we talk about pollution, that we’re focused just on the utility section,” he said.

Asked about Reid’s language, Senate aides indicated the bill would address greenhouse gases.

Reid said he hopes to have a draft of the legislation next week; it will come to the floor as soon as the week of July 26.


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