Is CNN waking up to the tyranny of the Obama administration?

July 13, 2010 10:01

CNN cries fowl that government won’t allow pictures of oily birds.

usACTIONnews Editorial

CNN’s Anderson Cooper posts a video complaining about  the Obama administration is limiting access by the media to areas affected by the BP Macondo well spill. I guess he actually believed Obama’s promise of transparency during the campaign. He keeps repeating that ‘we are not the enemy here’.

Granted, the Obama administration has made onerous rules to keep reporters away from the oil spill and the cleanup. But where was CNN during the promised but missing CSPAN coverage of the Obamacare discussions? Where was Anderson Cooper when the Obama administration came out against Fox News?

Maybe now the the Obama pocket media will realize that appeasement is just hoping to get eaten last. You still get eaten.

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