Local Census Officials Instructed Workers to Falsify Questionnaires, Says Inspector General

July 20, 2010 05:15

The Commerce Department’s Inspector General (IG) has confirmed whistleblower allegations that management at a local Census office in Brooklyn, N.Y., “directed employees to falsify Census questionnaires during” the decennial count’s largest and most expensive operation known as Non-response Follow-Up.

By Edwin Mora at CNSNews.com

Furthermore, the IG noted that during the Census Bureau’s efforts to re-count the fabricated questionnaires, employees charged with that task “were inferring the number of household residents through improper means.”

“The complaints specifically alleged that the [Brooklyn Northeast local Census office] manager and assistant manager for field operations had directed employees to falsify enumeration questionnaires using information from an Internet database rather than attempting to conduct in-person interviews as required by Census procedures,” Todd Zinser, IG for the Department of Commerce, stated in written testimony prepared for a hearing held by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Monday.

The fabrications took place “during Non-response Follow-up (NRFU), the Census operation in which enumerators visit and conduct interviews at addresses where the households did not respond to the original Census questionnaires,” added Zinser.

“In short, based on Census’s internal findings and our own independent investigative efforts, the initial allegations have been confirmed,” he explained.


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