More proof of the ‘climate warming’ hoax: Polar Ice Caps Larger than Long-Term Average, NOAA Satellites Show

July 16, 2010 11:12

The human caused carbon/ climate myth is a lie to convince people to support high taxes and more 2,000 plus page bills that no one will read but will effect every aspect of life. Do even a minimal amount research and you will find that this is a fraud perpetrated by leftist ‘progressives’ to get more power to themselves and their allies and redistribute the hard earned income of Americans.

Legislators that are pushing cap and trade, also known as the American Power Act, should be run out of office, tarred and feathered and imprisoned for fraud. Mr. Al, sex crazed poodle, Gore should be first in line.

By: James M. Taylor at Environment and Climate News

The earth’s polar ice caps are no smaller today than they were 30 years ago, when satellites first began accurately measuring polar ice, NOAA satellite data report. The polar ice caps are currently somewhat larger than the 30-year average.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Arctic sea ice is currently 19 percent below the 30-year average. In the Southern Hemisphere, however, Antarctic sea ice has grown to a record extent, continuing a pattern of growth that has been ongoing since NASA launched the NOAA satellite instruments in 1979. The growth in Antarctic sea ice is so extensive that the poles as a whole have more total ice than the 30-year average.

Global warming alarmists and the mainstream media are nevertheless continuing their campaign of deception and deceit, raising alarm about Arctic sea ice as an alleged sign of alarming global warming, while completely ignoring the Antarctic ice cap.

The “science” journal Nature reports in a July 14 article, “In a sadly familiar refrain, the Arctic has set another record for losing sea ice. Last month, the extent of sea ice in the Arctic hit the lowest mark for any June since satellite records started in 1979.” The article makes no mention of expanding Antarctic sea ice or the overall growth of polar ice.

Mongabay similarly reports, “In June the average sea ice extent in the Arctic was the lowest on record for that month, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). Measured by satellites, the seasonal movements of Arctic ice have been tracked since 1979 with a dramatic decline observed over the last 30 years. This decline is linked by experts to climate change.”

Global warming alarmists wonder why the public no longer believes their cries of alarm, and the mainstream media wonders why they are losing money, audience, and relevance. The answer is concisely illustrated in their claims about the polar ice caps. Global warming alarmists and the mainstream media can cherry-pick and misrepresent facts only so long before the public realizes they would have better luck getting the straight truth from a used car salesman.


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