Nation building with illiterates

July 23, 2010 05:08

NATO’s Education Training Chief Unsure When Afghan National Security Force Will Be Fully Literate

By Edwin Mora at

An objective for when to expect a fully literate Afghan National Security Force (ANSF) has not been established despite an ongoing U.S.-led education training program in place, according to NATO’s education training chief.

On July 14, during a Bloggers Roundtable briefing sponsored by the Department of Defense (DOD), asked Dr. Mike Faughnan, chief of the NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan Education Division Subject, “Is there a goal as to when you expect to have a fully-literate ANSF?”

“We have not really established a timeline for completion of the [literacy] program,” the education training chief responded.

“I would say at the minimum we will be doing this for as long as we are here,” he later added. “I hesitate to guess the total duration of the program, though.

“There are other issues that come into play – retention and recruiting, the improvements in the overall Afghan school system,” explained Faughnan. “You know, these elements will all have an impact on the literacy that’s required within the ANSF.”


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