Obama official led Soros ‘fund’ supporting world government, UN treaties, US disarmament

July 30, 2010 04:23

Obama’s assistant secretary of state for population, refugees and migration, Eric P. Schwartz, previously served as the director of  Connect U.S. Fund which is a Tides Foundation (George Soros) funded group which funnels money managed by the Tides Foundation to leftist groups promoting UN programs and treaties harmful to the US, the US participation in the International Court, US nuclear disarmament, push for global climate fund payments by the US and deep reductions in US greenhouse gases.

By Aaron Klein at WND

“Prior to his appointment to the State Department last year, Schwartz served as executive director of the U.S. Connect Fund, a Soros-funded and affiliated organization. The group promotes global governance and states on its website its mission is to influence “policy through integrative collaborative grant making on human rights, non-proliferation, climate change and development, and effective foreign assistance.”


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