Penn Panel Limbos under the Hockey Stick

July 4, 2010 08:41

Two British government and the two Penn State University cover-ups. The climate hoax continues. THE MANN HOCKEY STICK IS A FRAUD.

By Joseph A Olson, PE at Canada Free Press

Every limbo boy and girl, all around the limbo world, is awed the warmist’s trick, to wiggle under the hockey stick. Perhaps it’s a good time to load up the MP3 players with that catchy Chubby Checkers beat from 1962 Billboard Top Ten list. There’s no better image to describe the contortions of recent government and academic whitewash efforts on ClimateGate. We must ask our leaders, “How low can you go ?”

For the sake of brevity and sanity, we’ll only discuss the two British government and the two Penn State University cover-ups. What is consistent with all four of these ‘investigations’, is that they ALL refuse to investigate the basic ‘science’ or application of traditional scientific methods. You can’t find fraud if facts are forbidden.

The Penn State Inquiry Report, issued in Feb, 2010 was the first of the rogue researcher rehabilitation schemes. This involved four unavoidable charges of academic misconduct which were reduced to just one thru the miracle of jury tampering. By refusing to review the science, this panel could ignore the fraud that would put all of the Climate-Gate material in context. The article “Hockey Stickery Doc” does a good job of explaining this little Penn State trick.

Greenland, Vinland and Markland

Greenland was not just some slick Viking Real Estate Marketing Scheme, it was for real. Leif Ericson was born in Iceland in 970 AD and migrated to Greenland in 986 AD. Buried under the ice cap of present day Greenland is more than the hundreds of thousands of years of ice core climate data. Buried under hundreds of feet of ‘new’ ice are the stone remains of Viking dairy farms.

It would have taken several acres of grass forage, harvested and stored for every cow in every Greenland barn. Leif Ericson led several expeditions west in 1002 AD to ‘Vinland’ and ‘Markland’ which are present day Newfoundland and Labrador. Written records state the wild grape vines led to the name Vineland or Vinland and that both areas had light winter frost but there was green grass all year long.

The Romans invaded England in 43 AD and for four hundred years ruled over their British slaves. This white-on-white slavery was every bit as brutal as the later New World versions. The Brits proved a difficult conquest so the Romans formed an alliance with the Celts on the east side of the island. This allowed then to focus on the pesky Welsh in the west and the stubborn Scots to the north.

In 163 AD, the Celts were ruled by the Warrior Queen, Boudicca and she apparently did something to offend her masters. As retribution the Legions lined up and gang raped her teen aged daughters, all day long in the town square of present day Colchester. The Celts retaliated with a well planned ambush and killed 5,000 Romans in a single battle.

The emboldened Celts army swelled to 200,000 and they attacked a column of 5,000 Legionnaires west of London. This time the fabled war machine responded with weapons and tactics of unimaginable fury. Four hundred Romans were killed and their bodies carried on their shields to their hero’s pyre in London. For decades the 80,000 Saxon corpses of this battle laid on the open field, testament to this slave owner’s true power. Rome ruled Britain and grew grapes on the warm hill sides, until the climate got too cold and the Huns hit them at home.

The next warming anomaly was the Medieval Period where all evidence indicates that Europe was warmer than today. Gabriel Fahrenheit did not invent the thermometer until 1724 and there was no wide spread use or uniformity in construction until decades later. To construct an accurate historical record of climate changes, you must incorporate a wide range of proxy data. No tree rings, ice cores or isotope ratios are more accurate than these genuine human records.

In addition to the Roman, Greenland and Medieval warming periods, there were also the Maunder Minimum from 1645 to 1715 and the Dalton Minimum from 1790 to 1830, when temperatures were significantly colder than today.

The Hockey Stick Fraud

There are only two things wrong with Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick, the shaft and the head. This two axis graph has time in the horizontal and temperature in the vertical. It is called a ‘hockey stick’ because it has a straight gradually increasing line for centuries, then a sudden thermal upswing at the start of the twentieth century. This curve was designed to match the atmospheric rise of carbon dioxide graph and create a simple linkage that could be labeled as science.

The long, gradual shaft of the Mann Stick has no bumps up for the three periods that were unquestionably warmer than today. This Mann Stick has no bumps down for the three post-Roman, Maunder and Dalton cooling periods. The swollen head on the Mann Stick is higher than the obviously warmer periods of yore. There is a reason that all four Climate-Gate inquires have refused to examine the science. THE MANN HOCKEY STICK IS A FRAUD.


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